Connecting to VM via Putty

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Connecting to Server via putty

In this tutorial I will teach you how to connect to your vm using a tool called  putty. We will use ssh connection to connect. You can download from internet its free. If you search for putty in google you will find lots of links . One of link you can download putty is




After download first thing you will need to know is IP address of your vm. Select VM in virtualbox and go to “settings” and then select “network“. In  “Attached to” dropdown select Bridged network.


Select Network Settings option as shown in screenshot


It will display IPv4 address.


Start putty and enter IP address you got  from network setting screen and  then click Open


For the first time when you will connect  with system it will display below message click yes


Now login with user credentials


In this tutorial we have learnt how to remotely connect to Linux server using Putty (ssh).In next tutorial I will briefly explain  Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) defines the directory  and directory contents in unix/Linux.

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