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Windows 2008 DHCP Server with Scope and Reservation

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Windows 2008 DHCP Server with Scope and Reservation

Welcome to  Windows Server 2008 series tutorial. In this article we will learn DHCP Server with Scope and reservation. It is very easy to configure DHCP server in Windows Server 2008.

What is  DHCP Server?

DHCP stand for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Network/Server/System Administrator design and implement DHCP server for centrally manage,automate and assigns Internet Protocol (IP) in company/organization. DHCP has ability to assign IP automatically to the system, when system boot it gets the IP from DHCP. DHCP uses DORA process in backend. DORA Stand for Discover Offer Request Acknowledgement. DHCP uses the concept of lease time or we can say duration ( it can be minutes or days) for which that  IP address will be valid for that particular  computer.

Steps to  Configure a DHCP Server

Before installation make sure you configure your interface card with static IP and install latest updates of security.
First you need to go to the add role of DHCP, click on Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools>Server Manager.

Server Manger 1

After clicking on server manager explorer shows Add roles/remove roles.

Add roles view

Click  on Add roles and then click next button to  begin to add the server role of DHCP. see screenshot below

DHCP role Begin

Check the DHCP server and click next button. Please see screenshot below

DHCP Server Role

In next dialog you will see little description of DHCP Server. Click next

DHCP Server Role2

In next step you will see the network bind connection the purpose of this step is you need to select the network connection that provide services to the clients. Click next for further steps.

Network Connection Bind IPV4

If you have DNS server configure then next step for those users who want to define their DNS as well and click next button.

IPV4 DNS Setting

Click next skips the WINS settings we will discuss this  in coming up tutorials. Select option number one.

IPV4 Wins Setting

Now we are going to add DHCP scope. DHCP scope is defined for possible IP ranges for a network.

DHCP Scope


After adding  the scope click ok button and next button. see screenshot below

Add roles Scope

Click next button.

Add roles in scopes

We are using IPV4 that’s why skip further two steps and click next it is not mandatory to configure IPV6 it’s automatically configured with default settings without DHCP Server. Now we are on final step.

Finally confirmation step show you the detail of DHCP Server which is provided by us.

Confirmation install DHCP Server

Click Install button to initialize the installation of DHCP.

Install DHCP Server

Installtion succeeded.

Install Succeed of DHCP

Close the dialog box and check for DHCP option present in Administrative tool. Click on start>All Programs> Administrative Tools>DHCP.

Start DHCP

As you can see in below image scope of IPV4 is active.

DHCP Scope Active

Click scope and address Pool for check the IP range.

Scope Range IPV4 active

We can reserve IP with MAC address. Right click on Reservation option and click for new entry.

Reservation of IP

And click add button.

Reserved IP Special use

Reserved IP 192

We have done the DHCP server with reservation.


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