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Step by step setup of remote system in Windows 7/8/10

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How to setup/use remote system in Windows 7/8/10

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to setup remote system setup in windows 7/8/10. With remote system configured and enabled on any windows system you can access this system remotely which is extremely helpful in troubleshooting,installing, patching, performance optimization  on remote system. This save huge resource like  time/money and increase efficiency. However it depends whether your organisation allows remote access , any firewalls blocking remote connection, But in this tutorial we assume there is no firewall  and organisation has allowed remote access.

Setup a Remote System

Right click on My Computer icon which is display on desktop and click properties option.

my pc properties

Control Panel settings open and on the left panel area you can see the Remote setting click on it . This will open a new dialog box with Remote tab. In below image there are many options, by default settings are checked on  to Allow remote assistance, and also ” Do not allow connection option is selected”. You have to change the Allow remote connections and click on Advanced option  in the remote assistance.  You can then  set the time of remote session and you can select users by clicking on button.

remote settings

First we are going to set the duration of time for remote session click Advanced button.

advanced setting of remote timming

Now select the user click on select user button dialog box will open click on Add button.

add users for remote

Click on Advanced to add the user.

select user to add

Click on Find Now to list the users. Here I am going to choose Everyone to connect and click ok button. But in real world you will specifically select the user to whom you want to provide access.

advanced users find now

In below image user has been added successfully. Click ok button

everyone to connect remotely

Now click on Apply button in Remote tab after configuring  all  these parameters.

Firewall Settings

One step is left after these which firewall; by default it is turn on we have to turn it off. Go to start button write in the text area control panel or on the right side you can see the control panel option. Control panel setting will open click on System and Security.

control panel

Now click on Windows firewall.

windows firewall

In the left side panel you can see the option of Turn Windows Firewall on or off click on it.

turn on or off firewall

Select the Turn Off option.

turn off for remote desktop

Now you are able to use this system remotely.

Accessing system remotely

Click start write in the text area remote desktop or press and hold start/windows+R keys run dialog box will open write the command mstsc to open remote desktop tool.

run dialog box for remote mstsc cmd

Enter the IP address of remote system. Click  connect button

remote desktop connection

It will ask for the username and password. Click ok

ask for password and user to connectcredentials

Now you can see the GUI of remote system.

remote connection

We have successfully setup  remote access on server and using remote desktop connection tool which is provided by Microsoft we have accessed that system. Now you should be confident and comfortable in configuring and accessing remote windows system



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