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Permission and Ownership in Windows 10

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Permissions and Ownership in Windows 10

Hi guys, this tutorial is based on permissions and ownership of windows 10. In previous tutorial we have covered the installation. If you are working in official environment then you will not permit the administrator rights to users.


Owner of a file or folder always has the ability to assign permissions to that file or folder.

NTFS permissions are assigned using two formats.

  1. Standard NTFS Permissions
  2. Individual NTFS Permissions

Standard NTFS Permissions


Used for folders, allows new files and folders to be created in the folder.
Used for files, allows the files to be rewrite.


Allows files and folders data, attributes, ownership and security to be viewed.

List Folder Contents

Only applies to the folders. Allows files and folder contained in a folder to be listed.

Read & Execute

Used for folders, allows read access to files and folders.
Used for files, allows read access to the file’s information. If it is an executable file, user is allowed to run.


Allows the same actions as write and read & execute permission combined.

Full Control

Allows the same actions as Modify plus the ability to change permissions. Also allow a user to takeownership.

Special Permission

Special permissions are the individual permissions that can be assigned.

Individual NTFS Permissions

Fine-tune access and control for files and folders. Only visible when editing permission entry in the advanced security view.

Default permission go to the particular folder/file right click>properties>select tab security

default partition permission

Default user permission

user permission

Individual permission for set the users right click>properties>select tab security>click edit button

edit permission

Change owner follow the below instruction in image;

change ownership

change owner

Now set the special permission right click>properties>select tab security>advanced>Permission Tab

special permission

For new entry see below image;

change special advanced

Click ok for save the settings.

change special permission

Auditing is used for success/failure type of permissions you can also modify the audit entry right click>properties>select tab security>advanced>Auditing Tab


Effective permission tab to view the access of permission right click>properties>select tab security>advanced>Effective Permission Tab

effective permission

In this tutorial we have learnt how to apply permission and ownership on folder/file. Thanks for visiting our blog and feel free to suggest/comment . You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter.


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