Network Topologies

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Network Topologies

Hi in this tutorial we will learn types  of networks and  how we can deploy our design in a real environment. very First step of every project is to design project before starting.In this tutorial we will discuss different network topologies.Network toplogy is basically how you arrange network devices to connect to each other. lets start


In network communication we need to design a structure of arrangement of nodes and networks. We need to design physical topology of network which is actually geometric layout of workstations.

Types of Topology

There are basic 4 topologies.

Bus Topology

This type of topology is connected in single linear cable with two or more than systems/computer like servers, printers and laptops etc. The terminator is used for signal to absorb reaches the ends. Using bus topology, a computer sends the signal and the signal travelling through the cable with both directions from the sender computer.



  • Less cable required compare to other topologies.
  • It is very easy to connect systems and devices on a linear bus.


  • If there is problem in cable the whole network cannot communicate properly and difficult to diagnose issues and problems in bus topology.
  • At the both ends, terminators are required.

Star Topology

The star topology is designed as each computer connected directly to a central network device which may be a Hub or Switch. Each computer has a cable that goes from the NIC (Network Interface Card) to network device (Hub or Switch).



  • Easy to deploy and detect faults.
  • No interruption in network when we are going to connect/add or remove systems/devices.
  • If there is a problem in one node then only that node or cable would be affected.
  • We can join two star networks through connecting central network devices to each other.


  • More cable required than linear topology.
  • If the problem in central devices then all the connected systems/computers not be able to the part of network anymore.
  • Expensive than linear topology because cost of central device.

Mesh Topology

Every network device is connected to other network devices in mesh topology and it is not commonly use now a days.



  • More and extra cable required than star.
  • Complex and difficult to manage.

Ring Topology

Ring topology is look like a circle or ring (round shape). All computers are connected in a single cable and the data signal travels in one direction through each and every systems/computers. This method is called token pass because ring complete its loop.



In this tutorial we learnt basic infrastructure or network topologies. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Subscribe on our newsletter.



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