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How to install Windows 10

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How to Install Windows 10

Welcome to Microsoft Windows 10  tutorial series  We will  Start from the first lecture which is based on Installation of Windows 10. Windows 10 provides user friendly environment/GUI.



Minimum Prerequisites

Processor: 1 GHz (Giga Hertz)
Ram: 2 GB for 64 Bit
Free Hard Disk: 16 GB

Installation Device/Media

Insert Bootable DVD or Download ISO image of Windows 10 and burn in USB/DVD through isotousb (to make an usb bootable) and freeburner (to burn and making DVD bootable).

You can start system by loading it from bootable DVD/USB. You can select that option in boot menu  of system where you can set priority to start loading system from CDROM/DVD or usb. After system booting you will see below screen

Select language, time and keyboard to Install and click on Next button.


Click on Install button (Note: Repair your computer this option is used for whenever your system not started normally then we need to choose that option for repairing/restoring files of windows).


Enter the product key for activate the window and click on Next button here I am using the Pro key you may also use this key.


Check to accept the terms and click on Next button.


If you are using Old version of window like windows 7/8 then you can also use to upgrade option as mention in below image. For fresh installation you need to choose Install windows only.


Click on New for creating a partition.


Click on Apply button for save the setting of created partition.


You can see in below image partition is created partition 1 is for system reserved which is derived from Partition 2 after click on Apply button it is auto generated.


It may take several minutes to finishing up.


After that system needs to restart and now you are able to plug-out or eject your device/media (USB/DVD).


Here I am using option Use Express Setting. This option will set the default setting you can also customize the setting as per requirement.


Here i am clicking on I Own It for home users click on Next button.


Basically if you choose I own it, you are not able to join Azure or Join a Domain option instead you will be offered to use a Microsoft Account or Local Account.
If you choose My organization and then join a Domain setup will create a local account for you to use until the done join is done.

Here I choose option skip this step for create an account on PC. If you have an account of Microsoft then you have to define the email id and password. If you don’t have account then you can create the account by clicking the create one option.


Enter your name and password to secure your system and Click on Next button.


This is the desktop of windows 10 with start menu.


Now shut down the system goto to the start button and click on power button it shows the option of shutdown and restart.


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