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How to Backup and Restore in Windows 10

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Backup and Restore in Windows 10

Hello and welcome folks.  IN this Windows 10 tutorial we are going to learn  how to create backup and its successful restoration within the system. This feature is  provided in Windows 7 Backup and restore files.


Backup is used for to save your data in other partition within the system or with attached network file server. Due to uncertain problem or if your system damage or corrupt OS files it is mandatory that your data has been backup then you can easily fetch and retrieve personal information and data/record.

Let’s start with backup;

Go to start and write in the text area control panel and click on it or hit enter. Click Backup and restore option.

Control Panel for Backup1

To create a backup click on setup backup.

Setup Backup 2

Select your drive for backup where you want to backup your data and click button Next. (Note: select except C partition / in other words do not select partition where operating system is installed)

select drive for backup 3

There are two options. One is for backup Windows/system related files or libraries if you want to backup that one choose option one and second one is use for backup as per your defined folder/files. Click Next button

chose what to backup 4

In this case  I am going to choose second option and defined my own folder which is named as show pics. Click next button

select folder for backup 5

In below image you can see the details of backup file(Source file) click next button.

show the detail of backup 6

In above dialogbox you can see the option of schedule. The purpose of that option is you can set the time/period and day of backup as per your requirement. If you do not set the schedule it takes backup with default time. Click save setting and run backup.

schedule time for backup 7

Backup schedule and details are configured.

backupnow 8

In below image you can clearly see the backup file/folder save with system’s name by default in D Drive. For confirmation check the time and date compare above and below image;

Backup in D drive 9


If your data is corrupted with its original location then you are able to reestablish your data with successful and proper files where you earlier  backup these files. Restoration process is bringing back files with existing location/targeted location in a moment.

Go to start and write in the text area control panel and click on it or hit enter. Click Backup and restore option.

In restoration area you will see the two options.  One  is ‘restore all users’ files with system/libraries. If you had  checked the including system image in backup steps earlier you will select this option otherwise you can choose second for selected folder. Here I am going to select second option with selected folder and its restoration destination.

chose selectd folder to restore 1

As you can see in image backup location auto retrieve select the location and click next.

tab for restore 2

In next image you can see the two options. Default is /original location for restoring from where data is backup and other one is defined by user where to restore data from backup file and click restore button.

click restore for files 3

Check  Select all files from this backup option  to restore all files. Click next

select all files for restore 4

Progress bar shows that files are going to be restored.

restoring 5

Yes files are successfully restore. To check click on view restored files or finish button.

restored files 6


In this tutorial we learnt how to backup and restore files in windows 10. I hope you enjoyed keep learning with us…



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