• linux-dhcp-configuration

    How to configure DHCP server in Linux

    Hello and welcome guys, In this new and exciting tutorial/article we will learn step by step how to configure DHCP Server in Linux (Red Hat/ CentOS). We will do configuration by using configuration file.  This is used for enterprise network to reduce manual  IP configuration efforts (for instance it will take hours and hours to…

  • Linux-commands

    14 useful Linux commands

    Hello and welcome to our blog. In this tutorial we are going to learn 14 useful linux commands like Uptime,Users,Sudo,cmp,lsusb, lsmod,lsblk ,ifconfig interface up,ifconfig interface down,dd,lsop,bc,last reboot,Vim and Watch. Let us start with command uptime Uptime The command uptime will show you the how long system has been running, how many users currently logged on…