• windows-10-backup-restore
    Windows 10

    How to Backup and Restore in Windows 10

    Backup and Restore in Windows 10 Hello and welcome folks.  IN this Windows 10 tutorial we are going to learn  how to create backup and its successful restoration within the system. This feature is  provided in Windows 7 Backup and restore files. Backup Backup is used for to save your data in other partition within the…

  • Linux-VNC-server

    Howto Configure/ use VNC server in RedHat 7 Linux

    Connect Remotely Server through VNC Server Hello and welcome.  Practically in enterprise environment in  users connects to server/system remotely using clients. Number of  remote access tools/utilities are available which we can use to  access remote systems/servers from anywhere. VNC is one of popular or I would say most popular utility to provide remote access to users to…

  • linux-control-operators

    How to use linux control operators

    Hi and welcome to our blog. In this tutorial we will learn about Linux control operators. We will discuss special characters and their meanings. We will discuss about semi colon (;), ampersand (&) , dollar sign ($), question mark (?) double ampersand (&&) logical And , logical OR (||) escaping special characters using \. Let…

  • linux-commands-arguments

    Linux commands and arguments

    Linux commands and arguments Welcome to our tutorial Linux commands and arguments. In this tutorial we will discuss about shell expansion, linux commands and arguments. It is important to know about shell expansion because many commands which you execute on your linux system are processed and most likely shell changes them before executing these commands….