• Linux-samba-client

    How to configure samba client in Linux Part2

    Hello and welcome to part 2 of  configuring samba.In our previous tutorial we discussed how to configure samba server and then accessed linux samba share from windows.  In this second part we will learn how to configure samba client on linux and will demonstrate how to access linux samba server from linux with samba client…

  • Linux-samba1

    How to configure samba in Linux Part1

    We welcome you to another exciting tutorial . We will learn how to make linux folder or directory shareable for linux and non linux servers. In this tutorial we will demonstrate sharing between linux and windows. . The functionality which provides this sharing between linux and windows  is samba tool.  This tool not only allows…

  • Network-topology

    Network Topologies

    Network Topologies Hi in this tutorial we will learn types  of networks and  how we can deploy our design in a real environment. very First step of every project is to design project before starting.In this tutorial we will discuss different network topologies.Network toplogy is basically how you arrange network devices to connect to each…

  • Linux-xrdp

    How to install and configure xrdp for remote session

    In this tutorial we will learn about xrdp. We have already discussed about How to configure and use VNC for remotely accessing server earlier. We will discuss difference between xrdp and VNC briefly. We will install and xrdp server. Introduction Xrdp is daemon that supports Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. Xrdp is very easy to config and use…