• basic linux commands

    Linux commands for beginners part 2

    Linux commands for beginners part 2 Hi welcome to second part of  Linux commands for beginners .If you are feeling comfortable with Linux commands  you can surely easily understand the File Hierarchy System of Linux. Let’s start with  commands which are very useful for any linux Administrator. We will start with very powerful command which is…

  • linux-commands-3

    Linux commands for beginners part 3

    Linux commands for beginners Welcome to third part of linux commands tutorial. You will  have now practiced and enjoyed linux commands which we discussed in last two articles. This is the last part of Linux command series.  This does not mean we will not learn linux commands. We will be using new linux commands in our future…

  • linux-commands

    Linux commands for beginners part 1

    Linux commands for beginners part 1 In this tutorial we will learn so many useful linux commands and this tutorial is  basically based for newbie (newcomer). We have learnt few commands in previous tutorials (working with linux file contents). Here  we will learn new linux commands are related to disk space, information about files or directories…

  • Installl-Linux-Package-using-YUM

    How to install Packages through YUM Command

    Installation Linux Software Package through YUM Command In previous tutorial we used rpm utility to install linux package which is a manual process and some times its difficult to install certain packages specially when it depends upon list of packages which are missing from system. In that situation you have to install all required packages….