• connectputty4

    Connecting to VM via Putty

    Connecting to Server via putty In this tutorial I will teach you how to connect to your vm using a tool called  putty. We will use ssh connection to connect. You can download from internet its free. If you search for putty in google you will find lots of links . One of link you can download putty…

  • preferences

    Working with Linux directories

    In this tutorial we will learn how to work with Linux directories. We will learn how to know current working directory, switching or moving between directories, listing contents of directories(files/folders) making and removing directories. We will also discuss about paths. We will talk about absolute and relative paths and path completion in bash. The commands…

  • man-k-ntp

    Interact with Linux via command line interface (CLI)

    Interacting with Linux operating system (Command line/shell)     Hi folks in previous tutorial we have learnt how to install Red Hat Linux. Now its time to interact with system. To interact with system you have two options GUI (which we have installed during installation process) command line interface (CLI) also known as terminal window…

  • Linux

    Linux File System tutorial

    In this tutorial we will discuss about Red Hat linux file system structure. This file system structure is called Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).   This defines the names, location and permission of different file types and directories. You will find files (programs) are located under /bin, or /sbin, or /usr/bin, or /usr/sbin? We will now…

  • Linux Installation

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installation guide

    Welcome to Red Hat Linux tutorial series. In our very first tutorial we will discuss about red hat enterprise 7 linux installation. The guide is step by step procedure with screenshots This is basic installation tutorial and will be using virtual machine to install operating system on it using Anaconda installation program. Before starting Redhat 7…