• Linux-tar-examples

    Linux tar command examples

    What is tar? The term tar means tape archive. In good old day’s system admin used to take backups on tape drives. But now we use tar utility to take backup to other digital media. Majority of Linux system administrators use tar utility in linux to compress archive file which is usually called tarball ,…

  • Linux-tar-command

    Powerful Linux tar command

    Hello and welcome to our new tutorial powerful Linux tar command. In this tutorial we will also talk about linux tar command and its mighty power.This tutorial lays theoretical base.  In our next upcoming tutorial we will practically use linux tar command to understand more about it The linux operating system comes with plenty of tools and…

  • virtual-web-hosting

    Linux Virtual Web Hosting in Apache

    Greeting guys in our new tutorial, last tutorial we have learnt how to configure basic level of web hosting server. This tutorial is also related to web hosting but we will learn how many types of web hosting and how to configure virtual web hosting in apache. Let’s move on World Wide Web; Introduction As…

  • Installing-Linux-LAMP-Stack

    How to Install LAMP Stack on Redhat/Centos

    Welcome guys with our new exciting tutorial/ article we are going to learn how to install and configure LAMP stack on linux. LAMP Web Server basically hosts the site. In the real environment you need public IP to globally access the hosted site and it’s not a good practice to give the public IP directly…

  • linux-dhcp-configuration

    How to configure DHCP server in Linux

    Hello and welcome guys, In this new and exciting tutorial/article we will learn step by step how to configure DHCP Server in Linux (Red Hat/ CentOS). We will do configuration by using configuration file.  This is used for enterprise network to reduce manual  IP configuration efforts (for instance it will take hours and hours to…